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...all the challenges you face and uncover more insight into your business.


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...your business through effective and efficient best practices.

Our elegant way to help you gain visibility and make an impact


knowing who your target avatar (audience), is and making the first, very important connection, as this will drive the next step.


once connected with the right audience, you must engage in a bi-directional interaction that creates intrigue, immense value, a strong sense of need and has your audience hooked and attentively listening on your every word.


having your pre-defined and desired outcome, according to the business growth formula, in mind. Working backwards to achieve this will strengthen and enforce your objectives and how you steer the conversation to obtain this. This is also your CTA (Call To Action) and close.


At each step of the way, you only get one chance to make a first impression. So assuming you find the right audience, there is still a long way to go to have them feeling you are Credible, Authentic and Trustworthy.

James Moffat

Your Business Growth Strategist

James Moffat brings a wealth of international leadership expertise, gained from many senior executive roles. He is the founder of Visibility Impact and Dare to Change, an international speaker and no. 1 best seller author, appearing on many guest podcasts, radio shows and speaking events.

Through his work, James has identified, nurtured and empowered both individuals and teams to achieve exponential business and personal growth.

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