Startup consulting

Perfect for all those who are at the beginning of a unique business journey. I will help you orchestrate the right strategies and walk you through all critical aspects of starting or growing a business. Some examples are...

  • aligning your business with your purpose
  • clearly identifying your ideal client and how to find them
  • orchestrating a go to market strategy for success
  • coaching you so you are confident pitching in front of potential investors
  • levering on the art of business storytelling
  • learning the power of social media selling

accelerating growth

Leveraging your business to a new level. I help you getting more traction with your existing endeavours by...

  • helping you to meet market demands right
  • analysing and if necessary adjusting your sales & marketing strategies
  • fostering your strengths using sales instruments with tailored trainings

Sales and Marketing as a Service

Ideal for all those who no longer want to worry about the time-consuming tasks of sales and marketing. I'll do it for you. Based on a defined content strategy I will unleash the power of your stories using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, blog posts, articles and others.

  • monthly, seasonal or long-term. everything is possible.

Fast track sessions to advance your business and skills

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The Power of Interactive Storytelling

Stories that make a difference.

Linkedin Hacks

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